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It's a lie. L - I - E. Lie. You are such a liar. L - I - A - R. You aren't worth it.

God'll forgive you all your sins. I've heard it so often yesterday but you can't forgive my sins. I hate it. I hate all those lies... but it's like i have to lie to keep me alive.

And I started to build paperbridges. Paperbridges are lies, too. I saw it on Wednesday. The bridge looked so solid but she almost couldn't take all the demand. Almost. But the bridge still exists. Ugly thing, dirty thing,  mendacious thing but it's still there. The Paperbridge. My bridge. 'I want to give my heart away' - yeah. I built more bridges. It seems like everyone I think is nice likes me very much. And I began to phone all those peopel, I begin to talk and while I talk the lies begin. Everything all over again. Over and over again. I can't stop 'cause the bridge... the paperbridge still stands there. Give me your hand... 

I love you. Your way. Your scars. Your closeness. Do you understand? Without you, I'm dying. You are my life.

It's so good to hear things like that - but if it's from someone how really means something to you ... it's not that good. If it's all built on a lie. Well, not only on one lie...


22.11.07 23:59

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